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Tile maintenance knowledge


Tile during use may be due to improper use could easily lead to the phenomenon of surface seepage pollution, sewage infiltration of several common treatment methods are as follows:

1.Tea stains, fruit stains, coffee, vinegar sauce, shoes and other stains India dilution of sodium hypochlorite (bleach), soak for 20-30 minutes when using a wipe with a cloth; somewhat longer penetrate the brick stains, soak Time takes a few hours.

2.Ink, wax, mildew mildew formation of fouling, the use of dilute sodium hypochlorite solution (bleach). Just painted bleach stains soak in a few minutes when you use clean.

3.Cement, scale, water, rust, rust using hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid solution, rub a few times more than you can.

4.Paint, grease, oil marker, the surface layer of wax stain using alkaline cleaners or organic solvents (ketone and 5, three ethylene), paint degreaser.

5.Using a rubber hammer India decontamination methods: first using 20% ??-40% of the sodium hydroxide solution soak twenty-four hours wipe with a cloth and then with 30% -50% hydrochloric acid solution soak thirty minutes later cloth.

6.The use of alkaline cleaners cream.

7.Limescale acidic cleaners.


1.Wear rubber gloves when using these detergents.

2.Remove the stain with water and then scrub clean the brick.

3.Markets or supermarkets have the latest decontamination cleaners, refer to the above scope and methods of decontamination.

4.Good quality tiles, such as Asia, less body micro bubbles champion brick, tile stain resistance is strong, wipe with a damp occurs in a timely manner can be, not too much use of chemical substances that may have the opposite effect, influence tile gloss, water resistance, service life.

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