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The selection of the five principles of good tile


For each one being renovated owners, who want to buy high-quality tiles. However, due to the usual attention on fewer tiles, so the face is often impossible to pick an array of tiles. So, when home improvement, how to get value for money, roses tile it? Overall there is a good selection of tile five principles, that is, look, two, three drops of water, the amount of four feet, five floor.

 First, look at the appearance. Tile color should be uniform, better surface finish and flatness of the surrounding rules, patterns complete, out forty-five see whether the color from a box, deformation, lack of edge defects such as small angle.

Second, listen to the sound. Tap with a hard object, the more crisp sound, the higher the degree of porcelain, the better the quality. You can also use the left thumb, forefinger and middle finger clip tile corner, easily hanging with his right index finger tapping the tile in the lower part, such as sound clear, bright, pleasant for the top grade, such as sound boring, stagnant cloud was beneath contempt.

Third, the drip test. In the back of the tile can be water droplets, spread water infiltration after watching the speed, in general, the slower the water absorption, indicating that the larger the tile density; Conversely, water sooner, indicating the density is sparse, the former of its intrinsic quality is superior. High water absorption tiles after the tile surface expansion and contraction will cause cracking and spalling block tiles. In the environment of the northern region with four distinct seasons toilets should pay more attention this issue. If the tile does not indicate the water absorption, you can use tea or water droplets in the back of the tile, after a few minutes to inspect the extent of diffusion of water droplets, the more non-absorbent, that means low water absorption, the better the quality.

Fourth, the measuring tape. Tile side length accuracy is higher, the effect of paving the better, not only easy to buy high-quality ceramic tile construction, and can save hours of work and materials. With a tape measure the size of each piece of tile surrounding whether the difference in accuracy for the top grade.

Five floor. Measurement of flatness and color. Come up with a few like bricks, laid on a flat ground interview, see the gap between the bricks is straight, chamfering is uniform, whether arched phenomenon; while observing the changes in color, the color is generally not a big selection, except to seek some kind of "special effects."

In addition, the observation of its hardness, ceramic tile with good hardness, toughness, not brittle bad for the top grade. Angular fragments of tiles to scratch each other, to see broken fragments, breaks or loose is fine, hard, brittle or soft, is leaving scratches or loose powder, is the top grade in the case of the former, the latter that poor quality. Whether the size of one of the key criteria for judging the merits of the tiles, tiles with a tape measure or calipers and four sides of the diagonal size and thickness is uniform, good tiles, sound Cui Xiang, indicating a high ceramic content. If the sound is "blah" with the sound of breaking stubble, indicating brick built cracks.

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