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You should be aware of tile knowledge


From the original stone, wood dominate the world, and now the ground wall tile replacement, and a variety of glass, plastic materials, home decoration materials involved in the whole world became very rich and varied up;

You have to understand tile knowledge:

Tile size 400x400 mm, 500x500 mm, 600x600 mm, 800x800 mm; mosaic specifications 20x20 mm, 25x25 mm, 30x30 mm, thickness between 4 mm -4.3 sequentially mm;

Glazed: topped with clay or porcelain glaze after firing into a brick;

Whole body tiles: This brick is not glazed, polished surface after firing, both inside and outside with a pattern;

Tiles: high temperature firing of porcelain tiles, high hardness;

Polished: whole body made of polished slabs, thin light and hard;

Durability: divided into five degrees, from low to high, five degrees are ultra wearable, generally not used for home decor, home improvement brick can choose four degrees at once;

Water absorption: tile tile water absorption decide to use, low water absorption, high density ceramic tile, brick hole sloppy, not in frequent use activities take place, so easy to clean up after absorbing water fouling; low water absorption tiles are high density, the ability of high moisture stain;

Hardness: a direct impact on the life of tile is particularly important, can be used to listen to the sound of percussion method, crisp sound good to show that the intrinsic quality, not easily deformed broken;

Color Size: According to an intuitive judgment, to see whether the number of tiles broadly consistent color, could well put together, little color, size regularity is the top grade.

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