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Hengda products


Product knowledge

A length (width) dimension control
Measuring instruments: The accuracy 1/20mm following test equipment.
Square tiles, and the average length of said side edges of the size of rectangular brick, with the average value of the edge size, the size of the average value of the length of the long side, the broadside
The average size of said width.
[Remote product testing standards]
Wet outside wall: (227) ± 2.0 stone-wall outside: (100) ± 1.5

Two warpage detection
① Measurement tools: the use of precision test instruments in 1/20mm below;
② Convex warp, warped and twisted concave determination: In the face of the brick diagonal length separated by about 4/5 basis points more than the second set, the two together into a straight line basis, at the center of the measurement
To the vertical distance from the surface of the tiles. Convex and concave warp size, measured values ??obtained are two different directions on the diagonal; distorted the size of the two diagonal measurements
The absolute value of the difference between the results. At this point convex warp with a positive sign, concave warp with a negative number to calculate.
③ Side warpage measurement: On the side of the brick, and in the side apart about 4/5 over the place set up two basis points, two basis points measured from a straight line to the center link to the side of the brick
The vertical distance. Warped size, rectangular brick length measuring the maximum value side, whichever side of the square measuring the maximum.

Three, measuring the size of the head
To determine the size of the four sides of brick with a minimum scale of measuring 1/20mm less.
Value of the size of the head, the size of the square sides of the brick taking the difference between said maximum and minimum values. Represents the difference between two opposite rectangular sides brick sizes available. Difference between The long side of the long side of the size of the head,
The difference between the short side of the short side size of the head.

Four, frost detection
Test body of shimizu 24 hours at room temperature, -20 ± 3 ℃ directly into the freezer for 8 hours at room temperature and then placed in the shimizu six hours, remove with a wrung
A damp cloth to wipe the surface of the body of water tests to observe whether the rupture, glazed peeling, so the cycle 10 times.

[Product test results distant]

Five, acid and alkali resistance detection method
Test material washed with a neutral detergent, placed in a drying oven 105 ℃ over 3 hours and cooled to room temperature in a dry, room temperature, the test piece was immersed in about 3% HCL
Solution and 3% NaOH solution at room temperature for 8 hours, then washed with water to observe any abnormal test surface.

[Product test results distant]
No color

Six dimensions thickness control
Measuring instruments: The accuracy 1/20mm following test equipment. Thickness: the thickness of the test tile manufacturing site specified thickness.
Seven absorption detection
① Test was dried 3 hours in a drying oven 105 ℃ above and cooled to room temperature in a dry box container;
② After removing from the oven, quickly sweeping brick surface, respectively, that the mass of the dry mass scale (M1)
③ Then placed in a brick room temperature in shimizu 24 hours;
④ 24 hours later, wrung damp cloth to wipe off the water quickly brick surface; scale and quality of the water quality (M2);
⑤ calculated absorption: Water absorption = (M2-M1) / M1x100% if it is just out of the furnace bricks, the cooling medium in a closed drying vessel to room temperature, the test can begin

[Product test results distant]
Wet outside wall: ≤ 5% stone-wall outside: ≤ 5%

Eight, wear detection
Experimental use bricks fall brake wear abrasion test apparatus is shown in the formula prescribed. Weighing test body mass (cut into 40-50mm square, adjust its quality
Less than 100g) after holding at 45 ° to the horizontal and falling predetermined 10kg JISR 6111 SiC abrasive particle 20 from 1100mm height, adhering powder
After clearing the determination of the quality of all its mass is reduced wear. Fall time measurement adjustments in 8 minutes or more.

[Product test results distant]
Square tiles: 0.1g

Nine, flexural strength testing method
Test the surface down to 10mm diameter support rod support, the central span of the top rod with a diameter of 10mm compression load is applied. In this case, the width direction can be obtained
Each 1cm can withstand bending failure load.
P = (N / cm) {kgf / cm} = (F / B) x (L/90)
F = failure load (N) (kgf)
L = span (mm)
B = width of the brick (cm)

[Product test results distant]
Wet outside wall: ≥ 120N/cm stone-wall outside: ≥ 120N/cm

X. dovetail shape and height
Exterior wall and exterior wall other than the shading used for outdoor wall, designed as dovetail shape to be

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