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New Directions tiles - tiles full cast underglaze


Full cast Glaze is a recipe can be a special polishing process in glazed enamel, which is applied to the last line of antique brick glaze, now generally transparent or transparent convex surface enamel glaze, the glaze is applied to the whole cast full cast and polished glazed tiles set in one of the advantages of antique tiles, glazed tiles as smooth as light cleaning, while its glazed brick-like color patterns such as antique rich, thick, or brilliant colors. Its features are transparent glaze does not cover the bottom of each road surface glaze and glaze, just throw away the thin layer of transparent glaze when throwing glaze, transparent glaze into a discontinuous convex convex granular brick by screen printing on glaze, firing and then throw the glaze, the effect is even more unique.

The main components of the structure to its chemical composition: potassium and sodium feldspar, calcite, quartz, wollastonite, kaolin, alumina and other components.

A brief history of the whole cast glaze appears, re-tile pull back "light time", compared with the full cast gloss enamel crystal, original tiles, antique tiles all become a "Cinderella", which will be tiled bright and clean, magnificent effect elevated to a new level. However, as a new production process, whether in full polished glaze material, equipment or technology level, are not so perfect, such as wear and tear, smoke pollution, open at the end and so on, but the new technology is constantly developing and improving test The.

Technical features multi-use special manufacturing process, the whole dialysis under glaze color printing technology combined with advanced technology, make the pattern look down on the lower, low-carbon energy, cleaner production, smooth surface carved, unique glazes fine polishing processes, and polished comparison can be reduced by 90% of the material loss, more energy saving, environmental protection; scarce and expensive to replace the high-grade stone, architectural reduce costs, conserve natural resources. Product luxurious atmosphere, elegant style, showing dazzling bright as crystal, from the stone, more than stone.

Product Overview touch, bright surface soft, smooth and does not protrude, appears shining brilliantly, underglaze marbled texture and clarity, and the fusion of the upper transparent glaze, like a transparent film covering crystal glaze, making the overall level of more three-dimensional structured .

Unlike ordinary full cast glazed tiles polished, its surface is special crystal glaze enamel abrasion, high temperature sintering molecules completely closed, almost no gap, to maintain a long lasting highlight not bleak, hard wear. 6 degrees above Mohs hardness, water absorption is less than 0.5%, even texture than natural stone, dense, stable and secure. Use a coin to scratch the surface of the tile edges hard, no scratches on its surface or dregs phenomenon, wear very superior.

Process description is full polished glaze underglaze color, full polished glaze tiles are glazed. Its process is similar to the general body of glazed tiles, the main difference is that it finished in the end of the glaze is applied after printing, Zaishi surface layer of transparent glaze, the glaze after firing the entire surface of a portion of blows to retain a parts of the surface glaze layer, printing layer, the main objective end of the glaze, the whole cast was replaced by brick tiles.

The main advantage of body without quality raw materials, as long as there are 0.5-1mm surface glaze layer around it. The fabrics have repeatedly polished 2-3mm of fine materials; polished glaze tiles pattern simulation is very easy to do, the cost is low. Since the glaze firing speed, low energy consumption, low energy consumption polished enamel cast while the yield is higher.

The main drawback of the past polished glaze tiles process equipment is not very mature, but also a large number of small domestic production. This product has emerged in the international community for many years, particularly in Spain and Italy, but not a lot of applications, mainly due to technical obstacles and comparative advantage is not much before. Especially in China, the production of polished good material is also good, the energy cost is not too high. But now the situation has changed.

Technical difficulties thick glaze is easy to produce a large number of bubbles during firing, throwing the product after fouling ability, loss of light. The glaze is too workbook, glazed total deformation, easy to produce leakage or partially exposed end of the phenomenon throw polishing. Therefore, mass production, product quality is difficult to guarantee superior product is not stable. To solve this problem, glazed and polished glaze process equipment should be a breakthrough. I.e. the surface of the glaze during firing to easily generate bubbles, wide firing temperature range, the expansion coefficient close to the blank, so that upon firing difficult or polishing after deformation.

Glaze printing technology end of the glaze ten with ten glaze. Try to achieve good flatness, save glaze, polishing to achieve a smoother effect, it is best to use a straight pour the glaze glazing equipment. Industry veteran who believes that the whole cast glazed tiles polished glaze boost market is significant for the industry to lead the trend of low-carbon environmental protection, energy and resources to maximize utilization efficiency significantly.

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