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Tile industry trend analysis of new high-end brands in fashion


Through this exhibition each tile brand, whether it is in line with user needs and highlights tailored personal value, stylish and efficient integration of the tile design, or art of mosaic tile products, echoing the fashion industry retro, etc., detailed analysis of the aesthetic concept of green, environmental protection, style, color, size, price five aspects, collate and analyze relevant tile trends.

One popular fashion "green"

The world is talking about environmental protection, but also a reminder of modern civilization while protecting the environment should give more consideration to their own safety. For tile factory, in reducing costs, must not reduce the quality of the original's. When consumers buy tiles, but also concerned about its purchase of the product meets the requirements of environmental protection, radiation level exceeds the capacity of the human body.

According to insiders, the impression of a brand anion brick, on the basis of the glaze layer and the blank layer adds a layer mainly composed of unipolar ions mineral tourmaline ultra-fine powders and composites consisting of rare earth elements, so that one square meter impression brick release negative ions is equivalent to 15 square meters of forest emissions.

Tile fashion bis "size"

Now, with the degree of specialization tile market continues to improve, consumers are more diverse on the tile size, tile size was polarized development.

On the one hand, as more and more consumers seeking wall decoration "seamless" effect, leaving the "large block" tile increasingly popular. Increasingly popular large chunk promote residential building tiles popular. Small size tiles can not meet the requirements of home, interior wall tiles are generally the size of 250mm × 360mm more common, living room with brick floor is generally not less than 500mm × 500mm. If the living room area of ??over 40 square meters of floor tiles specification requirements are more large. According to professionals, "large block" tile process is much more complex than a small area of ??tile, manufacturers in gloss, texture, smoothness, and other aspects have to spend more absorbent mind. From an intuitive point of view, regardless of chunks tile color, texture or decoration effect than the traditional brick prominent. On the other hand, the small size of the tile is more popular than in the past, many people have found small square tiles can assemble many changes for a small area of ??the wall. Even some small tile size is only 5 to 13mm. Small market, a coarse texture tiles can be laid out European pastoral style.

Tile industry dispute take the high road

March and April each year, is the peak season for home improvement. Monopoly tile building materials market is also booming, but in previous years, most of the brand price war hit full swing this year, but a rare, replaced by high-end products based brand war.

Insiders said that this year regardless of brands or new brands have improved in the last year on the basis of price. Individual companies are vigorously developing a series of new high-end products, increasing the tile colors and varieties. But behind the new prosperity, ceramic tile industry but hidden crisis. Anonymity tile dealer said that the current tile new guise is "medication."

As a high-energy ceramic enterprises in the national policy has been under control. With rising fuel prices and the relative shortage of ceramic materials, ceramic block production costs are way up.

Foshan ceramic enterprises an owner, since the New Year started, ceramics factory diesel used per ton, rose by nearly $ 400. Fuel Foshan ceramic enterprises currently used, low price point of around 3,500 yuan per ton, has more than 4,000 yuan higher. He said: "The low weight of the original price of the product can no longer bear the cost pressures, especially some small profit margins in the low-end products have been sold at a loss and the arrival of this."

Due to the continuous implementation of the price war a few years ago, a lot of ceramic varieties almost no profit at all.

Costs a little one up, companies are faced with selling at a loss. So, faced with low-end market saturation tile, build brands, develop a high degree of difficulty of the new products, aimed at the higher end of the market profit margins, has become an inevitable choice for some enterprises.

At the same time, many original tiled export-oriented enterprises, to avoid the risk of foreign anti-dumping, and this year have turned to the domestic market and gradually adjust the product structure and market structure, seeking high-value, high sustainable development benefits.

To export a high-end ceramic tile-based company has said, the company's export business to face rising raw material prices, RMB appreciation, export tax rebate adjustment problems posed by rising labor costs and so on, can actively develop high-end products with domestic market, domestic and foreign markets in order to achieve complementarity.

Guise bubble

Driven by a number of factors, tiled high-end market has been developing rapidly. It is understood that this year than last year, new market increased more than 2 times. Industry this analysis, it is the result of the vast majority of domestic enterprises this year for the domestic high-end market to focus development effort. "But where there exists industry bubble!" Insiders admitted Road. According to reports, due to the current over-reliance on tile manufacturers, agents and dealers to sell various regions of the country as well as to promote their products, manufacturers and their products in the brand communication channel to reach an abrupt end when agents this off, could not under Shen-to-end consumer market, and thus unable to establish such as home appliances brand influence.

Therefore, if many manufacturers are frequently launch new products, but only a ceramic enterprises in intensive, some of the sales agents may be thinking: This will not increase the ability of manufacturers to develop it? Once the students from similar question, no end of trouble, and may even be destroyed to build up a distribution network of agents across the country.

Shandong, a ceramic enterprises, said that many of the tile manufacturer to market new products, many of which are converted in the form of products before it, some even just put a nice name, can not find a specific product with the old difference. "New tiles are high-priced market, more substantial profits. Prevalent in the industry eager to chase short-term interests of the premise, 'new name' signs are everywhere. As a result, frequent new tile market, with one surface thriving, strictly speaking, I am afraid that will produce some foam. "China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, responsible people are very worried.

Although industry standards to strengthen the brand's most mainstream ceramic enterprises have been upgraded to play the brand war, but for the industry as a whole, due to the current ceramics is not yet mature and norms, and the market demand, which gives a lot of small businesses provide a living space . But the ceramic industry increasingly competitive, persistently high raw material prices, which also makes some companies using inferior materials, price degraded quality of their products simply can not be guaranteed.

Tile industry is still facing enterprises blindly increase, new enterprises are emerging, production and insufficient innovation war in full swing, and many other problems. The fierce price war, though not as before, but it still exists, more companies with pricing strategies to squeeze the domestic or foreign market, the same is undoubtedly harm than good, the last is the loser.

China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, responsible people are put forward: "To ensure the healthy development of the ceramics market, must be controlled from the source ceramics market, strengthen self-produced their own behavior, ceramic production in strict accordance with the relevant national standards, emphasis on integrity, socially responsible manner and consumers, from raw materials to strictly control the production process, to ensure the stability of product quality, but also at the same time is not environmentally friendly. "

Targeting high-end market had become the enterprise development strategy, emphasizing the adjustment of product structure and improve value-added products, while companies can not only consider their own interests, should take into account the overall interests of the industry, through efforts to improve the technological content of products, increase innovation, nurturing own brands and other measures to achieve sustainable development.

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