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Three Mistakes of the road tile industry


With Chinese ceramic production technology and the rapid development of technology, outstanding tile market personalized products, product development starts to move towards the high end. Chinese companies are now targeting the high-end tile market, emphasizing the adjustment of product structure and improve value-added products, while also taking into account the overall interests of the industry, through efforts to improve the technological content of products, increase innovation, cultivate independent brands and other measures to achieve sustainable development . We are now on the status of the domestic tile industry thinking and summary presented three concepts the industry needs to change.

Tile industry without patents results

Tile industry is a traditional industry, high technology is mature, textbooks, journals, newspapers, magazines, papers and patents covers a wide variety of technical information. Development of ceramic tile industry for nearly 30 years, is itself introduced, imitating and improving foreign tile technology, equipment and grow up, imitate, improve development of the industry has become a habit in this environment and conditions, with technical innovation patentable itself is not much originality and protect the value of the patented technology less. Existing applications, granted patents are basically a combination of innovative technology or local innovation, the narrow scope of protection of innovation. Even more critical is that industry professionals cognition is still very vague patents, patent lack of knowledge, patents consciousness, therefore, the industry generally believe "tile industry without patents results."

According to Chinese patent law, patent itself has priority and exclusive, the patented technology, the first application for anyone who belongs to the technological difficulties patented technology, the technology is generally the first secret protection, and then apply for patent protection, and only easy to imitate, pierce the layer of paper will be able to understand and mimic the patented technology, the priority patent protection, which is patent protection rules of the game. Currently, many industry bosses do not understand the rules of the game, when violations occur, always the first to ineffective action to fight back to his face, he would not admit the fact of infringement.

The industry is not without patent achievements, such as the Institute of isostatic ceramic rollers patented technology, patented technology Oceano's stone, travertine Dongpeng patented technology, are novelty, inventiveness prominent patented technology, but in Under the current domestic legal environment, infringement penalties too high cost of rights, income is too low, resulting in difficulty patent rights, rights performance is not satisfactory, so that the industry can not be considered patent protection, patent applications of little further on that "no patent tile industry." I want to ask, in our industry patent applications, granted patents are also many, are all invalid patents? Tile companies still trying to apply for a patent, claiming that they have so many patents, and why?, I think the industry needs good reflection, industry associations and the government should come forward to tinkering with patent order ceramic tile industry, and promote the orderly development of the intellectual property industry, the establishment of an atmosphere of mutual respect for intellectual property, this allows the orderly development of trade and sustainable development.

Product design is just color, texture design with

General technological innovation and product design division within the current industry open to that technology innovation is the development of innovative new technology, new materials, new equipment, and product design is just the product color, size, shape, texture, design creativity with respect. In fact, the "technological innovation is the core product design, product design and implementation of technical innovation is the embodiment of" that technological innovation and product design innovation combined is complete, there is no technological innovation and progress can only stay in the original design changes in the technology platform, can not achieve the unique creative design and value embodied; With technological innovation, and design is not implemented into innovative products, value-added technological innovation will not be reflected, therefore, technological innovation and product design can not be split apart .

Product design, including product design, product technology design, product design and product application design culture, which includes product design size, shape, surface effects, color and texture with the other aspects of the design content; product technology includes product design many aspects of material selection, formulation, process, production equipment, product features and performance, product testing methods and standards, intellectual property rights and other product design; product applications include product design application environment, decor, construction methods, Application Notes other aspects of the design; product design includes a cultural concept of culture, cultural promotion, packaging, logos, trademarks and themes promotion. Therefore, the scope of the product design is very wide, very wide, the implied requirement of technological innovation, and ultimately attributed to reflect the value of.

The thinner the better tile products

In the present stage of development the industry, tile thinning is the inevitable trend of development of the industry, not only meet the energy, macro-policy section of the source, saving, low-carbon, also in line with the sustainable development of the industry, reducing the demand for production costs. But not to say that the thinner the better tile products, tile thin, favorable for sintering properties, reducing the consumption of energy and resources, products, modulus of rupture increased dramatically, but the breaking strength or will decline, that is, its carrying capacity, anti-sabotage decreased ability to change which is fatal. Because thin tile products, and its application environment requirements, the need for more other ancillary support materials, which would cause the application of harsh conditions, the application of higher costs, energy use or carbon emissions. So, how much to thin tile in the end the most appropriate, "carbon footprint" of thinking inspired us to analyze and balance the need for multiple aspects of cost, advantages and disadvantages, the total carbon emissions throughout the life cycle of ceramic tile production, application, locate The optimum thickness, but not a single tile sheet advantage in considering the production phase. So, I think tile products are not as thin as possible, but there is an optimum thickness range, and the optimum thickness of different sizes are also different.

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