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Foshan Ceramic chiefs meet global development of ceramic industry, then


As Asia 's largest ceramic industry exhibition , the annual China International Ceramics Industry Exhibition will always attract the attention of global ceramics industry . In the last week, four Sunday , 2011 China International Ceramics Industry Exhibition also come about as different from the past is that , although the show was held in Foshan, not far from Guangzhou , but Tao City News '' group '' has led cutting-edge ceramic brand collective debut , and by holding forums and actively engage with the international high-end ceramic industry , publishing "Foshan ceramics" sound , highlighting the Foshan ceramics internationalization of new ideas. 27, "How to deal with common resources crisis - 2011 Ceramic Industry International Forum " became " 2011 China International Ceramics Industry Exhibition " Live highlights, from Spain , Italy, India , the United States and other regional ceramic industry celebrities come together on international ceramic industry trends agitation thinking.

Moreover, in the four-day Guangzhou International Ceramics Industry Exhibition , also hosted the " 2011 ceramic industry overseas marketing and asked " forum , inviting including Keda , England Andhra Keren well-known companies , including overseas operations master " wine On the Road ." Hear the thoughts of international counterparts to think , but also exchanges with international celebrities ceramics industry , which is the Foshan ceramics industry must take the path of internationalization . Attended the "How to deal with common resources crisis - 2011 International Ceramics Industry Forum" Su , director of marketing may be the way Otemae Foshan Ceramic Co. says.

At the 2011 China International Ceramics Industry Exhibition , the world's ceramic industry powerhouse Italy 14 companies to exhibit again . May 26 , the Italian Pavilion will hold a press conference to showcase the latest technology and products from the Italian ceramic industry , and with the Guangdong University of Technology announced ceramic machinery online training program started. As a world leader in the field of ceramic machinery who is the originator of the Italian Pavilion in Guangzhou Industry Exhibition pavilions , and since 1995 has been participating.

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