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Hengda ceramic: sword refers to the world's largest ceramic tile supplier


Upgrade Highlights: technical innovation to enhance the overseas market expansion

World Brand Lab and its evaluation committee released a copy of the latest "in 2013 (10th) China's 500 most valuable brands" list, Hengda tile brand value is assessed to be 5.528 billion, ranking first in the country outside the wall industries.

These honors are certainly industries Hengda Ceramics, Hengda Ceramics enough to explain the success of recent years stand out.

As has 20 years of professional experience outside the wall of the old enterprises, Hengda Ceramics in terms of technological change has been at the forefront of the industry. Recently, after a period of deliberation and a trial, the company's production processes were strongly rectification, the production cycle from 35 to 40 minutes down to 25 to 30 minutes, the energy saving effect immediately apparent.

"R & D technical innovation has always been our biggest piece of investment on the one hand is based on market trends, research and development of new products; .. the other is on the production line for recycling, improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption," Hengda Ceramics Chairman Huang Tung said.

It is reported that the company achieved remarkable technical innovation, now has 24 utility model patents, 13 patent appearance.

In addition to technical innovation force, Hengda Ceramics in market development is also a big step away. Last year, Hengda Ceramics become China Building Decoration Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "building decoration") strategic cooperation agreement, is the only one ceramics class collaborators. Take this opportunity to explore the overseas market, the company will put on the agenda.

For this collaboration, Hengda Ceramics Chairman Huang Tung said: "This shows that Hengda Ceramics has a good reputation, extensive product portfolio and customer demand based on the overall strength of the strategic partnership designed products will help the company to participate in more real estate in the future. Project. "

With the cooperation and CCT decoration, the company plans to expand the product range and improve the conduct and quality. Meanwhile, with the popularity of the building decoration in foreign markets, Hengda Ceramics will also have the opportunity to reach more foreign projects, and thus expand brand awareness for the foundation, ready to enter the international market.

"We are working to introduce production facilities, to attract high-level technical personnel and management personnel, to become the world's largest supplier of ceramic tiles goal." Huang Jiadong said.

Innovative Product: split rock tiles

Hengda Ceramics has a series of best-selling innovative products, split rock tiles series is one of them.

Hengda Ceramics split rock tiles using a special process to a brick split into two pieces after firing, the surface texture of each piece of tile are inconsistent, uneven nature was naturally a little rough with flaky scales, true reproduction of natural rock texture .

"Our new research and development of natural beauty split uneven surfaces, highlighting the high-end minimalist style, natural light irradiation Lengthening shadows fall, senior series filled exterior style change at all." Hengda Ceramics Technology Department staff said .

It is understood that split rock tiles product is suitable for high-end buildings, villas, living quarters exterior and interior decorating shop posts, has a unique retro visual effect, become the highlight of the building's exterior decoration.


Huang Jiadong: Environmental protection in the first place

Jinjiang Economic News: A reference to the ceramic industry, we all think of environmental issues. What do you think?

Huang Jiadong: including the construction of the inner decoration, we work with many partners together to issue a green energy initiative, building materials procurement, production, marketing and other aspects of the development of the green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving direction. This is Hengda has always insisted on the industry to sustainable development, environmental protection must come first.


Hengda has set up a semi-finished and finished products analysis and detection stations, adhere to the "substandard raw materials into the plant does, substandard products not manufactured" principle, the production site is equipped with ESP, has a number of wastewater treatment ponds, waste water sedimentation for support handling recycling regularly with provincial and municipal environmental protection departments at all levels of the production site of dust, noise and the "three wastes" checked and approved standards can meet the national standard; while committed to environmentally friendly products R & D investment, has been successfully developed "lightweight eco-board", "energy-saving slim body tile" and other types of products and the market. In this regard, we continue to adhere to.

Jinjiang Economic News: industry is now entering a critical period of transformation and upgrading of enterprises are in force, what plans Hengda next?

Huang Jiadong: enterprises in the process of development and growth should train internal and external power. In terms of internal control, improve production facilities, technical innovation, continuous research and development of new products; external expansion, to do marketing services, marketing team clearly pre-sale, sale and service requirements.

We have set up a special project for cooperation customer service group, from a 360-degree set themselves for the customer to consider every detail, try to improve the details of the service. Establish and improve the service management system, establish and improve sales and service network, actively communicate with customers, user suggestions and requirements for production quality, timely response marketing services, and constantly improve the quality of services.

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