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Hengda ceramic desire more category to enter the international market


Recently, listed companies, China's leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles Chinese ceramics (its operating entities in China Jinjiang Hengda Ceramics Co., Ltd. is hereinafter referred to Hengda Ceramics) and China Building Decoration Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "building decoration ") signed a strategic agreement. It is reported that the construction of decoration is a wholly owned subsidiary of China's largest real estate contractor China State Construction Engineering Corporation, according to the contract, the construction of Chinese ceramics and decorative tiles in the supply and procurement as a strategic partner to each other.

It is reported that the construction of the vendor with 31 signed a strategic cooperation agreement, China Ceramics is a ceramics class the only one collaborator.

By the construction of a platform to enter foreign

It introduces Hengda Ceramics, the first step is a strategic cooperation agreement the two sides proceed from a single tile supply, procurement and other areas with stone-generation, all built in decorative items, Hengda Ceramics service team will be from the initial design began to follow up, to the late delivery installation, project closed the service with full participation in follow-up. In strive to do every project, while Hengda Ceramics will also have the opportunity to further in-depth cooperation in other areas, business expansion. For this partnership, Hengda Ceramics Chairman Huang Tung said: "The recent signing of this contract is Hengda Ceramics has a good reputation, extensive product portfolio and customized according to customer needs and the ability to design tile result we think make this strategic cooperation. will help the company to participate in more real estate projects in the future. "

It is understood that Hengda Ceramics is China's first listed company outside the wall, the outer wall of the professional strengths of research and production, but in the tiles and interior brick project is relatively weak. With the cooperation and CCT decoration, the company plans to expand the product range and improve the conduct and quality. Meanwhile, with the popularity of the building decoration in foreign markets, Chinese ceramics will also have the opportunity to reach more foreign projects, and thus expand brand awareness as the basis for the work to prepare to enter the international market. "Future plans to introduce production facilities, to attract high-level technical personnel and management personnel, to become the world's largest supplier of ceramic tiles goal." Huang Tung said.

Improve the management system

The building decorated in cooperation with Hengda Ceramics also want to learn from each other's experience in management.

On the strategic cooperation signing ceremony, built in decorative green energy also issued a written proposal, advocating various strategic partners to develop a green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving direction in building materials procurement, production, marketing and other aspects. This is of considerable Huang hole in terms of touch.

"To continue the development of the industry, we must protect the environment." Huang Tung said. To this end, its leadership of the company upon request: continued commitment to environmentally friendly products R & D investment, to strengthen the management of semi-finished and finished products analysis and detection stations, increase investment in wastewater treatment precipitation recycling, environmental regularly check the whole plant.

On the other hand, Hengda Ceramics also decorated according to the requirements of the construction, the establishment of a more comprehensive service management system.

"To discuss cooperation in the construction stage decoration, has made it clear that for the pre-sale, sale and service requirements. Thinking we should always put customer service first, establish a sound sales service network, while establishing Sales files, actively communicate with customers, user suggestions and requests regarding product quality, sales and service in a timely manner to respond promptly to customer service, and constantly improve the quality of service. "Huang Tung said it would set up a special project services group for joint customers, from 360 degree to put ourselves for customers to consider every detail, try to improve the details of the service.

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