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Hengda Ceramics Dealer Conference held


Hengda Ceramics Co., Ltd. held a " total development side by side , hand in hand painted Hengda " as the theme of the national dealer meeting , representatives of more than 400 dealers from across the country attended the meeting. The conference aims to systematically summed up in 2012 the company has made remarkable achievements and successes , and vigorously promote Hengda Ceramics brand of "honesty, cooperation, sharing , win-win" concept of marketing services , better communication and cooperation with dealers all over , lay a good foundation for expanding the market in 2013 .

At the meeting, Hengda Ceramics Co., Ltd. Chairman Huang Tung speech. In the past year, the company reported the results achieved and the company's outlook for the future, commitment to the common development of strategic partnerships with each common prosperity . He also outstanding performance , outstanding performance dealers were focused on recognition. Agents were also at the meeting to open up and share their successful experiences.

Jiangxi Hengda Ceramics Co., Ltd. under the constant Daly Building Materials Ltd, also made ??a speech , made ??a detailed report on the company's sales policy, market strategy, product development, technological innovation , etc., . On branch exchange dealers , the dealers on product prices, new product development schedule, quality assurance , product maintenance and other issues unfold questions and discussion , the participants related to leadership also made ??detailed reply.

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